The Ride:

In my previous career as a first responder, nothing was more difficult than being in the back of an ambulance listening to a husband and wife share their regrets and fears. This taught me to live and plan for now, not just tomorrow.

The Transition:

After 15 years as a firefighter, and having always had a keen interest in finance, I decided to wrap up my career and start my own financial planning business in 2008. It wasn’t the best year to enter financial services, but it’s been a wonderful journey.

My passion has evolved to helping people with what I call Lifestyle Finance and helping couples enhance their Return on Life. I wear three hats in every client relationship with the first one, Lifestyle Pursuits, being the most important because of the impact it makes.

The A-ha:

As a financial advisor and former firefighter, my life experiences have taught me that life is precious and fleeting. It's not uncommon for people to get advice to save and plan for a tomorrow that might not exist or be much different than what they thought it would be.

I'm now fully living my life with purpose and helping families get the right advice that allows them the freedom to do the same, create memories and plan for today, not just for tomorrow.

At 3 Hats, our unique approach combines a live now and plan ahead focus. It’s rather uncommon but it works for people that truly want to focus on their Return on Life.

The ride for me and my family has been life-changing. Are you ready to discover yours?


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